10 Facts About Tummy Tucks

April 8, 2012 Comments Off on 10 Facts About Tummy Tucks

10 Facts about Tummy Tuck

1.    A tummy tuck costs between $3,000 – $8,000, depending on the type and extent of the procedure being performed.
2.    The amount of tummy tucks being performed has been steadily increasing in recent years with tummy tucks now in the top five most popular plastic surgery procedures.
3.    There are several types of tummy tucks, the two most common are the full tummy tuck and the mini tummy tuck.
4.    A tummy tuck usually involves the plastic surgeon making a long incision from hipbone to hipbone. This incision is situated below the waistband and will result in a scar which fades over time.  Due to its location is should usually be hidden by clothing.
5.    Recovery time following a tummy tuck is significant. You will need to rest for two weeks following your tummy tuck surgery to allow you to heal properly.
6.    More than 40% of tummy tuck patients are over 40 and 15% are over 55, with only 10% of tummy tuck patients being in their twenties.
7.    Women over 40 remain the most common candidates for a tummy tuck due to the predisposition for women to develop unwanted stomach fat following pregnancy and menopause.
8.    However, increasing numbers of men are also turning to tummy tuck surgery as a solution to stubborn abdominal fat.
9.    The positive results of a tummy tuck are long lasting if the patient is committed to following a healthy diet and fitness regime post-surgery.
10.    A tummy tuck is a useful tool to combat stubborn belly fat, which healthy diet and exercise does not shift.  It should always be noted that a tummy tuck is not a way to lose weight, nor a cure for obesity.

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