Benefits of a tummy tuck extend beyond flatter stomach

July 18, 2012 Comments Off on Benefits of a tummy tuck extend beyond flatter stomach

Looking at before and after photos of tummy tuck patients, the results are impressive. What was once a stomach full of loose and un-toned skin is now has been replaced by a set of tighter, flatter abs. But a tummy tuck procedure offers more than just a flatter stomach. There are also many lifestyle benefits that you may have never considered.

Perhaps the most substantial benefit is a boost in self-esteem, and there are facts to back it up. A recent study from the American Society of Plastic Surgery found that about 86 percent of patients who had a tummy tuck, liposuction or both reported an improved sense of self-esteem after recovery.

Not only will you feel better about yourself after a tummy tuck, but exercising may be easier as well. Going for a run with extra or loose skin can be a pain, but once it's gone you may find running is not only easier, but also more enjoyable.

With the combination of improved self-esteem and easier exercise, a tummy tuck can result in one benefit most of all – a healthier patient.

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