British singer Kerry Katona stays fit after tummy tuck

July 13, 2012 Comments Off on British singer Kerry Katona stays fit after tummy tuck

British singer and reality TV star Kerry Katona underwent a much-publicized tummy tuck procedure earlier this year, and now she's opening up about the surgery. She recently spoke with Now magazine and revealed that while she still feels self conscious from time to time, the surgery was a must.

The biggest reason behind her decision to have the surgery was the toll her body took after having had four kids. Even though exercise may have helped drop the pounds, the excess skin was a bit more frustrating.

"I've had four children, which means there was loads of loose skin because my stomach had stretched so much," she told the publication. "No matter how many sit-ups I did it wouldn't go."

According to the Daily Mail, in the time since her surgery Katona has been seen regularly working out, which many surgeons say is one of the most important parts of tummy tuck recovery. Experts strongly encourage patients to exercise after the surgery to make sure their slimmer physique stays that way. Most surgeons say patients should wait three to four weeks before resuming strenuous aerobic activity.

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