CoolSculpting offers new way to treat unwanted abdominal fat

May 14, 2012 Comments Off on CoolSculpting offers new way to treat unwanted abdominal fat

The FDA recently approved CoolSculpting, a new non-invasive device that removes unwanted fat without surgery. This new procedure gets rid of the fat in the flank areas, also known as love handles.

The procedure controls cooling to target and eliminate stubborn fat, essentially freezing away unwanted bulges. This cooling system crystallizes fat cells and then naturally eliminates them from the body. CoolSculpting offers as an alternative to other fat-reducing procedures, as it does not require a long recovery time.

The best candidates for the procedure are those who are in good shape, but have some fat areas in their midsection that they want to remove.

However, non-invasive procedures are not for everyone as they may not work as well as other surgeries, depending on the patient. For example, those who have excess skin from dramatic weight loss or pregnancy may want to opt for a tummy tuck procedure, which can help trim a person's midsection.

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