Cosmetic procedures growing in popularity, surgeons report

April 18, 2012 Comments Off on Cosmetic procedures growing in popularity, surgeons report

A recent report issued by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons found that cosmetic surgeries have increased by 5 percent in the past year, and an Alabama plastic surgery practice reports a big increase in those who opt for a tummy tuck procedure.

This trend may indicate the economy is on the uptick, and more individuals are taking the time to feel good about themselves and go for that look they have always wanted.

"I think that all three factors play a part in the increase – a tough job market, the rebounding economy, and overall interest in people wanting to look their best and the fact that people live longer and wish to maintain a more active lifestyle," said an Alabama-based plastic surgeon.

It is important, however, that prospective patients take the time to research various procedures to find out about the recovery time and outcomes of the surgery. For example, while recovering from a tummy tuck procedure, make sure to ask when the patient can resume normal activity and exercise as well as what medications they may be prescribed.

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