How a tummy tuck can benefit health

June 4, 2012 Comments Off on How a tummy tuck can benefit health

Some of the best known results of a tummy tuck procedure are the aesthetic and mental health benefits. Thanks to your flatter stomach, you'll not only look better, but more often than not you'll feel better as well. However, abdominoplasty may also result in some physical health benefits you may have never considered.

For patients going through tummy tuck recovery, making sure the results stick is a chief concern. There is little worse than enjoying your new look for only a short period of time before it's gone. Much of the permanency of your results hinges on living a healthy lifestyle after the surgery.

Specifically, following a healthy diet is a crucial aspect of tummy tuck recovery that can also lead to better overall health. As people look to keep their results, they may turn to a diet rich in whole grains, fruits and vegetables, all of which have numerous advantages. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, a diet with plenty of colorful vegetables and fruits lowers your risk of developing heart disease, several cancers and even eye and digestive problems.

In addition to eating some healthier foods, many tummy tuck patients may find a renewed commitment to exercising after their surgery. Aside from helping keep your stomach flat, you may find that regular exercise offers several other health benefits. Much like a better diet, exercise will reduce your risk for health complications, but according to the Mayo Clinic its benefits extend beyond that. In particular, just 30 minutes of exercise can improve your mood by releasing certain brain chemicals associated with happier feelings.

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