Jessica Simpson rumored to be considering mommy makeover

August 3, 2012 Comments Off on Jessica Simpson rumored to be considering mommy makeover

Since giving birth to her daughter in May, Jessica Simpson has waged a very public battle with shedding her baby weight. As she looked to return to her pre-pregnancy form, sources close to the singer say she is considering plastic surgery as a way to help her along, according to Star magazine.

The publication claims Simpson has become frustrated with losing the weight she gained during pregnancy, and is mulling over all her options to help her shed the pounds. She has reportedly considered everything from a tummy tuck procedure to liposuction to assist her along the way.

While the rumors are not confirmed, if Simpson was to go under the knife post pregnancy, she certainly would not be alone as mommy makeovers have become more popular. The procedure often includes multiple surgeries, such as a breast lift and tummy tuck, and surgeons have noticed an increase in recent years. In fact, the number of tummy tucks rose 85 percent from 2000 to 2010.

"I have experienced firsthand the changes that pregnancy can create in even a physically fit and slender body, and intimately understand both the joy of being blessed with children but at the same time longing for a pre-pregnancy form [or the fullness that came during breast feeding]," said one San Francisco-based plastic surgeon.

While the pre-surgery consultation is always an important part of the plastic surgery process, it is especially crucial for mommy makeovers. Since every patient comes in with a different situation, it is necessary for surgeons to tailor the treatment to each individual woman, and determining a specific plan will help patients enjoy better results.


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