Keeping it natural, the new cosmetic surgery trend

July 12, 2012 Comments Off on Keeping it natural, the new cosmetic surgery trend

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, some procedures become more popular while others start to diminish. The newest trend as of late is women and men opting for natural-looking plastic surgery. From breast implant procedures to liposuction or tummy tucks, want to look great without everyone knowing that they went under the knife.

"Women are wanting fuller lips, but not Angelina Jolie-sized lips. They're wanting fuller breasts through breast augmentation surgery, but are keeping the size natural looking," said an Orlando-based plastic surgeon.

The "Mommy Makeover" is another example of this, as women are looking to get their bodies back after having children. This surgery consists of a tummy tuck procedure, breast lift or augmentation, as well as liposuction.

According to the American Society for Plastic Surgeons, before a patient decides to go under the knife, it is important they fully understand the recovery process. Not only are they more prepared for how they will feel after the procedure, but it can ensure the patient gets his or her desired results. 

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