Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery on the Rise

April 29, 2012 Comments Off on Mommy Makeover Plastic Surgery on the Rise

mommy makeoverAlmost two-thirds of mothers have said they’re not happy with their post baby body, claiming motherhood has taken its toll.  In addition to the changes of  a woman’s post-pregnancy body, many have stated it has also affected their self esteem. The term Mommy Makeover is a term in reference to a combination of plastic surgery procedures that address ares like the abdomen and breasts.

A Mommy Makeover can restore a woman’s pre-baby confidence, a common issue with many new mothers. The recommended weight to gain during pregnancy is about 35 pounds, but some women put on a lot more. As much as 43 percent according to the poll, and only 33 percent of those were able to shed the pounds.

Over 7,000 women were polled on the site BabyCenter, and 60% of them expected to be down to their pre-pregnancy weight by their child’s first birthday. Many also added that even if you weigh about the same as before your pregnancy, many stated that it reconfigured their bodies and their clothes didn’t fit the same anymore.

Losing weight after having a having a baby can be difficult. Many believe its related to a change in metabolism in the postpartum months, but this is incorrect. It’s believed that it’s you, due to things like the stress and fatigue of caring for a newborn. Not to mention that you probably haven’t been to the gym as often as you once visited.

While muscle tone can be restored with regular exercise and proper dieting, skin tone can be another story. Many mothers experience sagging skin and stretch marks after having a child, and working out doesn’t necessarily provide the same tummy firmness it may have once had.

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