Mommy makeovers growing in popularity across the country

April 23, 2012 Comments Off on Mommy makeovers growing in popularity across the country

New research has shown that mommy makeovers, which include liposuction to the hips, a tummy tuck and a breast lift, have been growing in popularity. Many women feel as though they should feel their best well into their 40s and 50s, and they are making this happen by opting for these procedures.

"After having kids and growing older, my body changed, my tight stomach and perky youthful breasts had changed. I began feeling self-conscious in the clothes I wore and throughout my daily activities. I finally decided it was time and money that I wanted to spend on me," said Deborah, a 51-year-old patient from Florida.

With Mother's Day coming up, an Orlando-based plastic surgeon expects to see a surge in procedures, as advancements are allowing for easier recovery periods and surgeries.

One of the biggest aspects of a mommy makeover is the tummy tuck procedure. Those who are interested in the surgery may want to talk to their surgeon about recovery time and what they need to do prior to the procedure. 

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