Oklahoma man turns to tummy tuck after weight loss

August 9, 2012 Comments Off on Oklahoma man turns to tummy tuck after weight loss

One of the most common reasons someone undergoes a tummy tuck procedure is because he or she is dealing with excess skin after extreme weight loss. Such was the case for one Oklahoma man who has drastically improved his life after having the surgery, The Journal reports.

Tony Moore got a wake up call when his dad died when he was just 50. Moore weighed around 350 pounds at the time and knew he had to change. After dieting had no impact, he turned to adjustable gastric band surgery and lost 20 inches of his waist and nearly half his body weight.

Despite his success, the excess skin remained a problem, and that's where plastic surgery came in. He had a mini tummy tuck two years ago, but is planning more once he can cover the cost of the procedure.

"I'm raising funds for skin removal surgery," Moore told the newspaper. "I plan to have a 360 abdominoplasty."

Having a tummy tuck is not the end of the road, however. Patients should know that after recovery, they need to keep up a healthy lifestyle to maintain their newly svelte physique.

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