Plastic surgery for men, when its too much

July 6, 2012 Comments Off on Plastic surgery for men, when its too much

Rumors started to spread rather quickly earlier this week about Bruce Jenner opting for plastic surgery once again. This fueled a conversation about how much is too much plastic surgery for men, according to

"My personal opinion is that men should be cautious with plastic surgery and opt for as natural results as possible," beauty expert Antonia Mariconda told the news source. "I speak to, and see lots of men weekly who seek plastic surgery, for all sorts of reasons. Most men want discreet results, nothing too drastic as they do not like looking 'overdone'"

Facial procedures are clearly more noticeable than a tummy tuck procedure or liposuction. So, men may want to make any surgeries on their face more natural and be able to reap the benefits of tummy tucks without many people knowing, the media outlet reports.

Regardless of a person's gender, it is important to know the risk factors as well as what the recovery entails before going under the knife, according to the American Society for Plastic Surgeons. 

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