Post-weight loss plastic surgery

May 7, 2012 Comments Off on Post-weight loss plastic surgery

For people who struggle to lose weight, shedding those last few pounds can be a momentous occasion. Unfortunately, following weight loss, loose and excess skin can cause some people to be less than satisfied with their new appearance. Luckily, cosmetic surgery has proven to be a viable method to help patients achieve their ideal body shape.

Perhaps the most effective option is abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck procedure. This surgery is ideal for a number of reasons, primarily because surgeons can not only tighten the abdominal muscles but also remove some of the excess skin.

"Through a variety of procedures tailored to fit each patient's needs, we can tighten loose muscles, get rid of excess skin and smooth away remaining fatty deposits," one Michigan-based plastic surgeon said. "Our patients are happier because their bodies look better, their clothes fit better and they can move more freely."

Patients opting for a tummy tuck procedure have several variations of the surgery to choose from depending on their individual needs. For instance, a mini tummy tuck offers a more targeted approach and leaves patients with smaller scars. However, it is best for people who have a smaller amount of skin to be removed. Patients looking for a more substantial option my want to choose an extended tummy tuck instead, which is ideal for people who have excess skin on their sides, upper hips and lower back.

In addition to excess skin around the midsection some women may find their breasts lack some of the volume they had pre-weight loss. Breast augmentation and breast lift surgery have both proven to be effective methods for helping women regain some of their previous shape.

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