Terminology to be familiar with before a tummy tuck consultation

May 29, 2012 Comments Off on Terminology to be familiar with before a tummy tuck consultation

Individuals who are considering undergoing a tummy tuck procedure may want to ensure they are familiar with all of the terminology before seeking out a plastic surgeon for the job. Before any elective procedure, a person should do their research on the topic so they know they are the right candidate for it, and will receive the results they desire.

A tummy tuck procedure is for those who have excess skin around abdomen area that will not go away with diet and exercise. This is perfect for new mothers or those who recently experienced a drastic fluctuation in weight. When going for a consultation, a couple terms a person may hear include diastasis, a condition in which the abdominal muscles separate, or hematoma, which refers blood pooling beneath the skin. Neither of these issues are cause for concern, but rather topics your doctor may discuss when talking about safety and expectations.

Other commonly used terms are general anesthesia, local anesthesia and intravenous sedation. General anesthesia is given during the operation to relieve pain and alter consciousness, whereas local anesthesia refers to a drug is injected directly to the site of incision to numb it. Finally, intravenous sedation are sedatives used to help a person relax prior to the surgery. Once the person is well educated about the procedure, they may be able to go under the knife without any hesitation. 

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