Tummy tuck by-products used for science

April 30, 2012 Comments Off on Tummy tuck by-products used for science

After a tummy tuck procedure most patients are willing to bid good riddance to their excess fat, and probably don't think about where the by-product of the surgery ends up. However, some patients may be surprised to find out that the left over fat following tummy tuck procedures is often used for research.

According to The Telegraph, in many instances, researchers will take the fat and analyze it soon after the procedure. The "waste" from these procedures can actually provide insight for medical researchers.

Fat releases hormones and proteins, giving researchers a unique glimpse into the human body, the media outlet reports. Scientists have been using this excess fat to look at the impact of exercise and the issue of obesity, and in some cases have used it to create stem cells for medical purposes.

The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery encourages any and all patients considering a cosmetic procedure to discuss any questions they have with their surgeon. Patients considering a tummy tuck procedure and are interested in contributing to medical science should ask their surgeon if it would be possible to anonymously donate the left over fat from surgery.

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