Tummy Tuck Procedure and Fast Recovery Practices

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Tummy Tuck CostOkay, now that we are done figuring out the tummy tuck cost above, let’s move on to deal with very important aspect of tummy tuck adventure, namely tummy tuck procedure and recovery. Appealing as the tummy tuck procedure is, one has to be aware that even perfectly performed cosmetic surgery should include a range of post-operative physical therapy, which will allow to accelerate the recovery process after surgery, as well as preserve the results achieved in the longer term. And that is why modern clinics that deal with cosmetic surgery, certainly have a staff of highly professional beauticians, or cooperate with them.

Tummy tuck procedure overview

Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) is a three-dimensional complex surgical intervention carried out in order to restore the aesthetic proportions of the abdomen, after which it remains an extended scar. It is within the patient’s underwear, it is well hidden from sight but not out of sight of the patient. Immediately after removal of sutures the scar appears to be a thin long line, which is fast becoming intensely pink in color and dense to the touch.

This is characteristic of the fresh and not yet fully recovered postoperative scar. So the first task – early ripening, after which it becomes pale, subtle, soft and elastic enough to forget about it. There are several good and useful ways on how to go about recovery after abdominoplasty, resulting in the patient’s having the great results with this procedure. Of course, it is desirable to begin treatment immediately after complete healing of postoperative wounds.

Tummy tuck recovery – your path to beauty, baby!

To help accelerate the maturation of scars, it is recommended that you should get to wear an elastic garment that not only reduces the pain of surgery, but also helps in improving the elasticity of the scar. In a few weeks after abdominoplasty, a puffiness of soft tissues may be felt, or an induration. To improve circulation in the damaged tissues, ozone can be further introduced. It will also improve the delivery of oxygen, contribute to the maturation of scars, as well as accelerate the supply of nerve tissue, which links the central nervous system. It should be noted that after abdominoplasty sensitivity of the anterior abdominal wall may be reduced for some time.

The reason for this is the intersection of nerve fibers in the process of such surgical  intervention, and due to nerve damage as a result of prolonged postoperative edema. In the process of postoperative recovery sensitivity begins to emerge, but it usually takes several months to fully recover. In order to reduce the edema of the skin and normalize the tone of the skin special vacuum-roller massage method can be used. This massage helps to more quickly restore the natural look of the anterior abdominal wall after tummy tuck procedure.

It is vital to remember about the necessary regimen of physical activity after this type of operation. Tummy tuck involves a great tension of the skin of the anterior abdominal wall. As a result, a scar is influenced by the impact forces which may lead to its expansion, especially if the patient is impatient and don’t follow recovery guidelines.  The scar tissue is soft and does not match the properties of normal skin, especially in the first three months after the operation. It is exactly during this time that you should not do any abdominal exercises, hanging on the pull-up bar, and even easy activities like light house cleaning should be avoided, if you do not want a scar to become a broad line. Tummy tuck cost is not only about the price, it is also about the time for recovery.

During these three months you should not get to lift more than 3-5 pounds of weight since the tension in the abdominal muscles can lead to cuts of one or more of the threads that were used to pull them over the white line of the abdomen. As a result of non-compliance to this requirement, you may find camber on the front wall of the abdomen, much like a hernia, and fixing it would be very difficult, rest assured. And therefore it is much better to observe all the requirements, without lifting anything heavy in the three months during tummy tuck recovery period. You should also remember that the tummy tuck cost is not the most important factor in the speed of your recovery period.
Tummy Tuck Cost
You may ask why exactly this time? The answer lies in the fact that this particular time is usually sufficient for the formation of a strong scar tissue. Of further note is the fact that any, even the perfectly executed operation, including tummy tuck, requires a certain recovery period, after which you can already see the final results. And the results depend on your desire and commitment. So, just consider the tummy tuck cost and you are good to go! Therefore, follow tummy tuck recovery guidelines and be always healthy and irresistibly beautiful!

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