Tummy tuck scars: What to know

April 19, 2012 Comments Off on Tummy tuck scars: What to know

Tummy tucks have become a popular way for patients to target certain problem areas, but as is the case with any surgery, there are inherent risks as well as the chance of scarring. However, by knowing what to expect and following appropriate tummy tuck recovery practices, patients can keep the scarring to a minimum.

The most significant tummy tuck scar patients should be concerned with is one that runs from hip to hip just below the waist. This incision is stitched together and typically lies along the natural crease within the bikini line, according to the Mayo Clinic. The severity or length of the car is dependent on the patient, and if this is a serious issue, they may want to think twice about undergoing the procedure.

While most doctors will caution that tummy tuck scars will never completely go away, there are ways patients can make them less significant initially. For instance, patients should not smoke until the wound is completely healed because smoking decreases oxygen, which will slow the healing process.

Additionally, patients will want to focus on the tummy tuck recovery instructions given by their doctor. In particular, caring for the bandages properly can have a significant impact on the size and seriousness of the scar.

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