Tummy Tucks Before and After – Pictures and Photos

May 9, 2011 Comments Off on Tummy Tucks Before and After – Pictures and Photos

There exist a lot of case studies of tummy tucks with “before and after” pictures and photos. Various methods of losing weight, improving body contours, and the elimination of fat depots on the human body. The tummy tuck cost appears to be of the least concerns of the patients. The task for the patient will be enunciating and describing the problems concerning him and what issues he would like to solve. And he should also signalize the goals that he wants to achieve. The surgeon, in turn, must explain in detail what he intends to do to do his best to achieve the goals and desires of the patient.

Typically, the surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The tummy tuck cost is not so important in this case as the skills of a surgon. Abundance of fat and skin in the lower third of the stomach is removed, the abdominal muscles are tightened. Scars – this is, unfortunately, the inevitable result of any operation, but abdominoplasty surgeon uses special techniques to make scars as much imperceptible as possible. Most often the scars are hidden in natural folds, such as the bikini line. The rehabilitation after surgery takes three months on average. The final result of the operation depends not only on the skill of the surgeon, but also on the individual features of the patient, and how he follows all the recommendations of a physician.

Here is the story from one of the tummy tuck patients. We are going to go through what she had to say about her tummy tucks before and after experience. Note how she says that she was able to find the reasonable tummy tuck cost.

Hello! I want to share my incredible and wonderful story with you right away. It all started when I got married and moved to another city as my husband had to work there. After three years of being in marriage I got, as you can guess, pregnant and gave birth to a wonderful baby. It was such a great experience! I was so happy! As for my tummy the pregnancy and the birth of the baby marked on my body resulting in a visually unappealing stomach. I gained a lot of weight (50 pounds!) and on my flabby tummy stretch marks appeared. For two years, I had been severely struggling with those stretch marks and weight gain and I was trying very hard to lose weight and lift the skin, but it was all in vain. Less than 5 pounds was the maximum weight I was allowed to carry at a time. As a result, angry at myself, I decided that only a plastic surgeon can help me. And without hesitation, I called the doctor and subscribed for a consultation. The tummy tuck cost was not worrying me – all I wanted to be attractive again! I thought that it all would take a very long time. But on the second day I passed the labs, and on the third I had already undergone a surgery. All went very quickly, and I am sure, in the best way, as evidenced by short postoperative recovery period and a beautiful aesthetic effect. Now it’s been 3 months since I got – what you think? – virtually flat nice tummy! I am very grateful to everyone who helped me achieve this result! Now I’m a really happy woman and mother!

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