Tummy Tucks for Men

March 24, 2012 Comments Off on Tummy Tucks for Men

A flat, toned stomach, and the much admired “six pack”, are the ideal for most men and can be just as difficult to achieve for them as they are for women.  It is clear that it is not just women who suffer from lack of confidence caused by their appearance and increasing amounts of men are opting for cosmetic surgery – in particular a tummy tuck.  A recent article in the Daily Telegraph newspaper reports that the number of men undergoing abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, increased by 15% in 2011.

The abdominal muscles weaken for a number of reasons.  In men these tend to mostly due to dramatic weight gain and loss, and aging. Unfortunately, as we age, fat tends to redistribute and concentrate itself on the middle section and abdomen.  This fat is notoriously difficult to deal with and for some people can be immune to the effects of a healthy diet and any number of stomach crunches and sit ups.

A tummy tuck can benefit this situation by removing the excess fat and skin which will not shift by other means.  This can produce a flatter stomach by removing folds of loose skin and helping tighten the stomach muscles.  For those who have undergone gastric band surgery, a tummy tuck can be the only effective way to remove the resulting folds of skin.

Tummy tuck surgery for men can be highly effective and successful but, as for women, is not suitable for everyone.  Men thinking of having a tummy tuck should already be on or around the target weight for their height.  Tummy tucks should not be used as a “quick fix” for weight loss as the fat will likely come back or just relocate itself elsewhere on the body if not accompanied by healthy diet and exercise.

The increase in men having tummy tuck surgery indicates that having a positive body image, particularly a toned, defined torso is becoming more important to men.  It seems that love handles, spare tires and beer bellies are no longer an option and a tummy tuck can be a highly attractive solution.

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