What exactly is a “mommy makeover?”

May 10, 2012 Comments Off on What exactly is a “mommy makeover?”

Bearing children can take a toll on women's bodies, and many new mothers want to quickly get back to the figure they had before they were pregnant. Unfortunately, the stress of raising children can sometimes make this difficult to achieve. That's why many women opt for "mommy makeovers" – a set of plastic surgery procedures designed to help women get their figure back.

The term "mommy makeover" has only been in use by plastic surgeons for a few years, and there's no real set definition for what the makeover entails. Most agree that a liposuction or tummy tuck procedure is at the core of the concept, mainly to get rid of the excess weight put on during pregnancy. However, many mothers also opt to combine this surgery with a breast augmentation/lift, eyelid surgery, facelift and more.

A Virginia-based plastic surgeon who has been performing "mommy makeovers" for years says the idea is "really whatever we want it to be. Most women see the effects of pregnancy on their stomach and their breasts, but the effects of pregnancy are really on each and every area of the body. Maybe it's extra lines and wrinkles on the face, or the neck starts to sag."

The surgeon adds that opting for a mommy makeover can be a difficult decision for many women, as they feel like giving a gift for themselves is not something mothers should be doing now that they have children. However, those who eventually see the tummy tuck before and after photos are ultimately satisfied they made the right decision.

Tummy tuck costs are another potential deterrent for mommy makeovers, so it's something that should be weighed carefully. According to a survey by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 62 percent of women say they'd get a mommy makeover if cost were not a factor.

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